error analysis...

Is this thing still on?!?
I cannot believe it's been three months since I've reflected publicly. Where has the semester gone? But I'm not complaining...because it is definitely time for a break. And on top of some serious rest and relaxation, I'm hoping to reflect on some of my favorite activities from my classroom.

One of my favorite activities occurs after my students have completed a unit test. The following day when students review the graded tests, they analyze each missed problem and determine what type of error was made. I create a Google form that separates each problem and lists the possible errrors (ex: calculation error, copy error, notation error, units error, solving error, model error, etc.). Students are able to click each error to complete the process of reflection. We follow the error analysis with the development of a graphic organizer (see example below) that summarizes the content within the unit and then a roundtable discussion in our teams about errors they want to avoid on their redo test.

I am able to complete this activity easily with my classroom set of laptops. But I have teammates who have used the form by reserving the computer lab or using a classroom set of Nooks. The advantage of the Google form is that students don't have to register for an account and remember username/password information. I can simply post a link to the error analysis form on my blog and let my students analyze at their own pace. And the data gathered from my students can be exported to a spreadsheet and then calculated for PLC data review.

With that said, in the past I have done error analysis using scantrons and then offering my students to identify where the mistake occured and then reworking the problem from that point. I believe the activity of classifying the type of error raises the students' attention to detail when having to distinguish between possible errors.

To create a new form to share with teammates and/or students follow these steps:

Hope you have a fabulous winter break!
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