classroom bulletin board ideas

Do you have classroom bulletin boards to decorate? One or two? And how often do you change the display? Do you cover your board with fabric or poster paper? Do you hot glue your border to the frame or staple just inside the frame? There are so many options!

I have one long bulletin board in my classroom. It's located above the storage cabinets along the back wall. I've opted to select a display that remains all year. There are other things in my classroom that change according to content; the bulletin board just isn't one of them.

The title reads "Many Faces of ^Wildcat Math Students" and includes a display of different faces. My daughter created the faces with inspiration from the popular "How do You Feel Today?" poster. And my students periodically select "their face" and respond in their journal writing about how they feel with our current content. (Have I mentioned that I love my daughter's artsy self?!?)

Be sure to comment and share your favorite bulletin board display title. We can't wait to hear from YOU!

It's a busy week in my classroom.
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