integer activity bundle and a freebie

It's only January, but I'm already thinking about our Benchmark exam in April. And then when we finish Benchmark on a Friday, my geometry students turn around and take their end-of-course exam on the following Tuesday. I spend the majority of my time focusing on the day-to-day lessons because I know that's what counts the most when it comes time for testing. However, I do have a routine for review as well...more on that later. ;)

Another reason I love my MATHercise tubs...I have an abundance of review centers at my disposal. So today I gathered my favorite integer activities...


If you are hunting for a variety of integer games, then hop over to my TpT store. The integer bundle above includes tips on teaching integer operation rules through storytelling and modeling as well as seven engaging activities to support the lesson. Enjoy!

I'm also working on a mind workout tiling activity. Wanna see a sample?!?

Is this something you can use in your math class?

Classify Coordinate Figures Mind Workout Tiling 

Is it part of your curriculum or is it something you could use as an extension to challenge students? I'm going to use this one in my MATHercise tubs this week...can't wait to see how it goes...my students give great feedback!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend! Our house was filled with friends and science fair today. And my hubby went on a cleaning spree as well...I may not be able to find a thing in the kitchen or the bathroom. LOL!

Happy Sunday to YOU...make it count!