patty paper discoveries

My students always think I purchase patty paper from the local butcher. They make me smile! This is my first year to teach geometry in forever. And I can say forever because I'm old and gray. LOL! I just have to share with you all my new favorite book that I recently rediscovered. For those of you who know me well...I know...I know...I'll have a new favorite book in the very near future! But humor me! Truly...this book is amazing! Becky Bride has published a geometry book via Kagan.

The book is targeted for grades 8-12, but I have used several concepts with Kagan structures in my 7th grade math class too. And I'm even going to step out on a limb and say with the changes of Common Core some of these items could be used in the 5th and 6th grade.

I am currently leading my geometry students through a series of discoveries involving circles. My students use the patty paper to construct and compare properties of circles. Then they follow a Kagan structure or two to put their new knowledge to work. Tomorrow will be day three of circles and we should be able to summarize all of the properties from chords to tangents to sectors and everything in between.

If you teach high school geometry, this book is a "must have" on your list of resources. Enjoy!
And happy almost Friday Eve...make it count!