order of operations

Good gracious...I have definitely been missing in action! Unfortunately, a visit to the doctor confirmed that I have strep. He spied without swabbing...if that's any indication of my condition. :( And I'm still in quite a bit of pain...apparently my new found allergy to penicillin requires an alternate medicine for treating strep...and minus the hives I'm beginning to believe penicillin is much more effective than my current meds. HA! I simply can't remember the last time I've missed two consecutive sick days. The worst part of being out yesterday and today is that we have a student teacher joining us on Monday! Lesson #1: How to regain control of middle school students after having two different substitutes before a weekend.

I have spent a portion of my sick days getting organized. We are in our final unit before state testing...that means it is time to solidify my method of test prep for this year. I am still torn between two different approaches. But I have started pulling activities from earlier in the year that we can revisit in small group. This is one of my faves!

This Order of Operations Activity Bundle is full of games that make student really think about the order of operations instead of just going through the motions. The dice game is a common game that I adapted to order of operations instead of simple addition. The tiling games are inspired by Marcy Cook. One of my teacher buddies introduced me to the idea of tiling through one of Marcy's sets and my students absolutely love the challenge of using each tile once to complete the number puzzle. And to all of my 5th and 6th grade friends...this content will be yours with Common Core. I've added this bundle to my TpT store if it's something your students need practice on as well.

Happy Friday to YOU! Enjoy your weekend...make it count!