science fair results

3rd place
Congrats to my sweet girly!

Don't you love this photo?!? My vote for the photo to be framed and included on the display table was overruled. I still think making the judges smile is always worthwhile. ;)

Our nine weeks ends tomorrow. To all my non-teacher followers...life is just a little bit crazy at the moment. Bwaahahaha! As I said to one of my students recently for his denial to misbehavior, "Is that a gross underestimation?!?" His response, "Probably!"

Agreed. :)

On my agenda for tomorrow...pretest, mentor meeting, grant writing, more pretest, and a HOTS quiz...quickly followed by a forensics tournament and a run to the airport. Saturday involves a full day of judging at the forensics tournament.

Hope to chat again on Sunday!
Enjoy your weekend...make it count!