standardized testing

Every teacher has an opinion about standardized testing. What are your thoughts? Do you "teach to the test" in your classroom? Do you dedicate time in your classes to review for standardized testing? I would love for you to share a snapshot of standardized testing from your classroom!

I totally "teach to the test" in my math classroom.  I organize content according to the standards that will be assessed on the standardized test...even sequencing the content to finish the predominantly tested standards prior to the annual test. I view this as setting my students up for success. And to the best of my ability, I consistently teach beyond the standard outlined in the frameworks. Why? Because I wholeheartedly believe that if we carry our students a step or two beyond the required standard then they are more likely to master the basic standard. However, I know my chances of teaching something new two weeks prior to the test and my students mastering the content to a proficiency that will carry over to the standardized test is slim to none. So yes, I dedicate 6-10 class meetings for review...specifically revisiting content my students need a refresher because it isn't an integral concept in our course. For example, I don't review solving equations because we solve equations in everything we do. But writing function rules from a table of values is isolated to one unit in 7th grade math, so my students need a refresher.

We just finished Day 2 of 5 for standardized testing in 7th grade and Day 2 of 4 in 8th grade. Classes resume regularly scheduled programs on Monday. And then my geometry students take their end-of-course test on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. I'm not teaching this week...proctoring the test in the mornings and monitoring activities in the afternoons...and I'm totally exhausted! I told my students that I would much rather be taking the test. :)

In final review for the geometry end-of-course exam, I created an "I have... Who has..." vocabulary review game that encompasses the terminology for the entire course. My students completed seven stations in their teams. Their task was to match the "I have..." terms with the corresponding "Who has..." definitions. And as the teams completed each station, they collected a list of concepts they wanted to review during our last class together before the test. I love this review routine!

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Spring break or testing or class as usual...
Whatever comes your way this week...make it count!