avoiding the chaos of piles...


My classroom organization motto is "a place for everything and everything in its place!" And I find it fairly easy to keep up with manipulatives and classroom supplies, but I used to struggle with papers...especially papers I didn't plan on receiving. As day after day of teaching continued, unexpected papers would create a pile of chaos. Typically the only thing that would force me to address the piles was preparation for a substitute. And even then, sometimes I would just scoop the pile from my desk to a cabinet. (Please tell me I'm not the only one who is guilty of that bad habit!) Anyways, last year I created a file crate that eliminated the chaos of piles.
The crate contains laminated file folders (zebra and polka dot, of course!) labeled for everything from absent work to class rosters. Here's a view of my different labels...
This file crate sits on a short bookcase behind my podium. I can easily access a needed file for unexpected papers. If the paper needs addressed by the end of the day, then the file stays on my podium. I sort through files and accomplish necessary tasks after school before returning files to the crate.

So how do you stay organized from day to day?!? Please leave a comment to share your organizational tip! No tip is too small. :)

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