gearing up for summer training

One of the most intelligent teachers I know mentioned how his non-teacher friends comment about the vacation he gets to enjoy every summer as a teacher. His reply is so very true..."so I've heard, but I'm still waiting for one of those!"

I've never experienced a summer without multiple trainings. And I wouldn't wish for anything else! Instead of summertime as a "winding down" movement, my summer has more of a "gearing up" theme. I look forward to brainstorming and planning with my teammates...especially when we can do that poolside. :-)

I was able to spend Thursday at the state Capitol reviewing fourth year math course offerings. I always welcome work related to Common Core standards because it pushes me to deeper understanding. And tomorrow I will join my teammates at the UofA for our second session on partnering with the engineering college to improve our STEM instruction. I will also spend three weeks in July with these same groups.

I'm looking forward to all my "summer vacation" has to offer! What's on deck for your summer vacation?!? Do share!

Have a great weekend...make it count!