displaying student work

How do you display student work in your classroom? My space is somewhat limited. Unfortunately I don't have a blank wall or a bulletin board in the hall because my classroom is in a pod surrounded by lockers. My classroom does have a bulletin board (I'll save that display for another post), but it is above my counter and my height-challenged self would need a ladder to routinely hang student work. :) Thus my dilemma! Enter: the random closet door. I covered the closet door on my front wall, hot glued magnets to the three posters, and labeled the space "Wildcat Math" in fun, giant letters.

We just finished our state tests last week...so my student work display is still empty. I hope to hang our sailboat measurement activity by the end of the week. So what do you have displayed in your student work corner?

More blog posts to tour my classroom...coming soon!
Enjoy the rest of your week...make it count!