About Me

My husband and I have two beautiful daughters. Chuck works for Wal-Mart, and we attend Grace Baptist Church of Santa Clarita. I lived in Northwest Arkansas for 28 years but recently moved to Southern California via a corporate transfer for my husband's job. 

It was my honor to be a classroom teacher at Bentonville High School for ten years; however, I resigned my teaching position in 2004 to stay home and spoil my family.

I started the hobby of scrapbooking in 1998, but seriously since January 2006. I have always been crafty as my mom taught me to sew and knit at a very young age. I consider my style to be clean, simple, and colorful—if you look closely the math behind every layout shines boldly. While spoiling my family for five years I entered the scrapbook industry. My goal to share the life I live through design team work and published pages or projects culminated with owning a flourishing online scrapbook company called Create My Keepsake. It was a blast to work behind the scenes in the scrappy world; however, I closed my business in 2009 to return to teaching.

taught math at Washington Junior High School for four years. Although new to middle-level education, I discovered the challenge was a perfect fit. I'm permanently hooked on building better students...one day at a time!

I currently serve as a certified Kagan School Trainer for Fulbright Junior High School and host weekly Genius Hour sessions for the FJHS math department.


What classes have you taught over the years?
  • geometry
  • algebra 2
  • trigonometry/algebra 3
  • statistics
  • algebraic connections
  • preAP algebra 2
  • preAP precalculus
  • AP Calculus
  • 7th grade math
  • preAP algebra 1
  • preAP geometry

What is your favorite course?
I simply adore the content in precalculus. But no course is more fun to teach than geometry. Of course I really did enjoy teaching algebra 1 to some fabulous junior high students. Did you intend for me to just choose one?!?

Have you ever looped with a group of students?
Yes. Twice! I followed a group of preAP students from algebra 2 to precalculus to AP Calculus. And then I retired...I told my students that I had to retire because they were graduating and I didn't know any other students. :) And most recently I looped with my 7th grade algebra 1 students to 8th grade geometry. They are an absolute delight to teach.

Have you taught your own children?
Uh huh. My oldest daughter was enrolled in my preAP algebra 1 class and then looped with me to geometry. It's been much harder on her than me. ;)