running the race...

Day 25 Prompt: How long do you think you could last in a power outage?

How long could I last in a power outage?
Not long.
I'm a total girly girl with that sort of thing.
Embassy Suites is my kind of camping! :)
But seriously.
What does it really take to withstand a trial?
To overcome a battle?
To experience the sweet taste of victory?

Math is a fairly unpopular subject.
It gets a bad rap...from current students and former students (aka parents).
But I am in absolute awe of the subject!
And even more importantly...I am passionate about sharing my feelings with others.
I strive to encourage perseverance.
It comes in small packages.
Disguised in colorful gift wrap.
And it unfolds the spark of desire...for math!
I'm intentional about providing opportunities for perseverance because perseverance leads to endurance. And any student (lover of math or not) is going to need an extra helping of endurance when it comes to making mathematical connnections.

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Happy Friday to YOU...make it count!