differentiation via small groups

For teachers to meet the individual needs of their students, time for differentiation must be integrated into the class schedule. My math students spend 15-20 minutes during each 80-minute block class completing their MATHercise centers. (For more details about our MATHercise routine, visit this blog post for specifics.) This independent work time allows me to gather students at our small group tables. I can work with students who need remediation on specific content. Or I can use this time to enrich students who need challenged.

Here's where the magic happens:
I have seats for six students to join me at the small group tables. Usually I work with a small group for 10 minutes of guided instruction and then allow them to practice together for 5-10 minutes. On some days, I have worked with one group for 10 minutes and then a different group for 10 minutes...it just depends on how many students need served that day.

ETA: We are the Washington Wildcats, and my oldest daughter painted the giant mural on thin 12x12 canvas squares during the summer before her 6th grade year. It's the first thing you spy when entering my classroom. I love, love, LOVE it! :)

For more great ideas on how to use math centers and some fabulous sample centers, hop over to Laura Candler at Corkboard Connections blog.  Laura is hosting a linky party with lots of ideas math centers in your classroom.

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