students coaching students in the classroom

Math is a subject that calls its participants to a need for accuracy. What are the options when students make mistakes while reasoning mathematically?

Well...if your students are working independently, then the teacher will have a steady journey around the classroom. A journey that involves reteaching and giving the same friendly reminders repeatedly. But there is another option...and one that I definitely prefer! Your students could be working cooperatively and the teacher makes a steady journey around the classroom to observe progress.

From the very first day of school, I train my students to coach either other. The coaching process begins when a math buddy has a question. Students are encouraged to provide one tip to the student...something that will help redirect the learning. If that tip doesn't resolve the issue, then the student is encouraged to provide an additional tip. If the second tip still doesn't resolve the issue, then the student can tell his/her math buddy where and why the mistake occurred and verbalize the accurate solution. However, the math buddy with a question is not "off the hook" because he/she is required to redo the problem.

Yes, there are still questions that I answer while wandering from team to team. But the quantity is significantly reduced. And the best part of the process is that I'm not the only one talking math!

What else do you train your students to do from the very beginning of school?!? I would love to hear your tips and tricks!

Happy Sunday to YOU...make it count!