dusting off my blogger mic...

It's time to dust off my blogger mic and return to chatting about math, curriculum design, and so much more! My little nook at "Mrs. Tilmon Says..." has been dormant for nearly a year. Where has the time gone?!? And what exactly would have me so distracted from my treasured reflection spot?

I must confess. Implementing 1:1 laptops and the Common Core State Standards in my Algebra 1 classes for the 2012-13 school year definitely monopolized my time. But my personal life encountered quite a roller coaster as well. Let's take a quick peek at my 2013...


A retreat for two to Big Cedar allowed us to share hopes and dreams as we planned for the possibility of my husband receiving a transfer with his job.


The majority of spare moments this month were focused on applying to become a school trainer with Kagan.


Chuck accepted a new position located in Southern California. Spring Break was filled with planning for the transition.


We spent a long weekend in California for hunting a house, school, and church for our family. Chuck started his new job, while the girls and I returned to Northwest Arkansas to finish the school year.


Chuck returned to Northwest Arkansas for the end-of-school and moving festivities...such as putting the final touches on the poolhouse.


The big move! We had an awesome team who battled the rain to get our house boxed and loaded for the four-day journey to the west coast.


After a few weeks of hotel life, we moved into our house at the beginning of July. And we were blessed with another amazing team who unloaded the truck in the extreme heat. We had just enough time to unpack boxes before we left for Disney World. I completed my certification for Kagan School Trainer and the family hit the parks for a heavy dose of magic.


Our summer calendar ended with a drive to the beach and Taylor finishing an online trig course. The girls started school and quickly found a groove with all things California.


Don't get me wrong...we love California weather (especially in January!)...but triple digits in September isn't at the top of our list. Also I launched Genius Hour sessions with the Fulbright Junior High School math department via Skype.


Photo Credit: Nexstar Broadcasting
We traveled to Northwest Arkansas on an extended Fall Break for me to teach a few professional development sessions for Fulbright Junior High School. I squeezed in two LIVE Genius Hour sessions, a few refresher modules of Kagan Cooperative Learning, and the Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 3 workshop.


After decorating our house for Christmas, we traveled to spend Thanksgiving with family. We love every second we can sneak with Chuck's sister and family...which always seems to include Black Friday shopping.


We launched the week of semester finals with a drive to Malibu. And one of our favorite things about California is the three-week winter break! We stayed in sunny SoCal for Christmas.


We started a new tradition by going to the Rose Parade on New Year's Day. Chuck and the girls headed to the mountains for the first ski trip in the Tilmon family.

How's that for a longer than expected status update?!? Thanks for reading today! The talented Alicia over at Dreamlike Magic is helping me give my blog a face lift. Please pardon my mess during the construction phase! I look forward to sharing my thoughts as an educational enthusiast. Stay tuned...