congruent and similar figures

Oh goodness...where has this weekend gone?!? Both girls have projects due this week...needless to say there are craft supplies all over the house. Hopefully they can finish tomorrow and get things cleaned up before we gear up for a new week.

My 7th grade math classes
 will be finishing our geometric properties unit this week. The lessons will include congruent and similar figures and transformations. So we will review these topics in our MATHercise routine the following week. I created this game from a recent Pinterest inspiration and added it to my store...

It's a good thing that a picture is worth a thousand words! Because I certainly cannot read a single word from this awesome blog! Thanks to Kate for posting pics of her counting game...

I also found a fun poem online this weekend. It will be a perfect journal prompt for my students to show understanding of transformations. I need to do a little sleuthing before sharing...I want to be sure I'm giving proper credit. ;)

Have a great week...and make it count!


  1. I tagged you! Come check out my blog so you can see the rules and how it works. Thanks for all that you blog!

    1. Thank YOU! I finally got my post up. Fun questions! :)

  2. You seriously create the best activities!
    To The Square Inch

    1. Thanks! My students love to start class with a game...they keep me accountable. LOL! :)