valentine's day and box plots

Only a math teacher could connect Valentine's Day and box-and-whisker plots! :-) We will be testing on Tuesday; so when students finish they will be creating Valentine's hearts from a square and circle. (This lab was inspired by Judy Dunmire at UAFS.) This lab activity will build on their composite area and perimeter skills...plus we will gather data to use the next day in our box plots lesson. Love it! The activity bundle I just loaded to my TpT store includes everything you need for the lab activity as well as box-and-whisker plot vocabulary task cards and a build a box plot sorting activity. I will finish with an extension from the AIMS Are You Ideal? lesson to allow students to work independently in creating a box plot from start to finish.

ETA: Upon request, the Valentine's Day Hearts Composite Area & Perimeter Lab Activity has been added to my TpT store as a singleton item. Happy Valentine's Day to YOU!

I've also gathered my favorite activities from my Solving Equations unit. This bundle includes I have...Who has... Collecting Like Terms game, Find a Match Translating Expressions game, Alphametics Mind Workout, Build a Square Inequalities game, and Three Equations in a Row Tic-Tac-Toe game. I will be pulling the I have... Who has... cards for small group next week. A few of my transfer students need to improve their solving skills...particularly when it comes to collecting like terms! And this is just one example of why I love teaching with math centers.

Happy Saturday to YOU...make it count!


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