tackling testing

I'm out of pocket this week working on rangefinding for the Arkansas End-of-Course Algebra 1 Exam. This is my first experience testing and tweaking rubrics for the open-response items. Let's just say I have learned a lot of valuable information...some that I can discuss and some not so much. It's always nice to join efforts with math teachers from all over the state. We gain just as much knowledge from each other during breaks and lunch as we do from discussing the constructed response items.

Anyone else looking forward to the weekend?!? I'm already counting down. :) Hopefully I will be able to catch up on posting and blog hopping. I really want to browse some Common Core online resources that I learned about today too. And I need to put the final touches on a couple of grants that I'm writing. So what do you have on your teacher "to do" list for this weekend?

My wish list is growing moment by moment. Any guesses as to what's at the very top?!? :) The countdown is on...

Enjoy the rest of your week...make it count!



  1. Hi Lisa:
    I love having uninterrupted time to thoughtfully plan lessons. Too often I am trying to pull something together without enough time to think it through. That may be a strange idea of a lovely weekend, but it works for me!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend...

  2. Hi Kim:
    You and me both! I stayed late after school yesterday and outlined a plan for the next month with my teacher friend. We are set! Now I just need to do the same for my geometry class. ;)
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend too!