remembering 9.11

It was the Tuesday before Homecoming at BHS.
I remember the vivid details like it happened yesterday.
My 2nd hour Precal students were taking a trig test.
Every classroom had a TV.
But the TVs weren't functioning yet.
It was our first fall in the new building.
My neighbor had prep that hour.
He came to my window and motioned for me to come to the hall.
The details of a terrorist attack were few and vague at best.
Yet unbelievable.
Since I didn't have much to share, I opted to let my students finish their test before I relayed the breaking news to them.
I still remember the conversation.
Their shock and subsequent questions.
We continued the routine of the day.
Going through the motions.
Though completely distracted.

Spend time today in a spirit of gratitude for those who sacrificed beyond our wildest imaginations...past, present, and future. May our freedom be treasured!

Be intentional today...make it count!

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