change requires energy...

Day 9 Prompt: Talk about a time when you used up an extraordinary amount of energy and were exhausted.
Well. Let's see. Assuming the childbirth option stretches beyond the definition of extraordinary, I'm going to reflect on classroom teaching initiatives that come to mind.
  • moving to a new school/team/course/etc.
  • adjusting lessons to a new curriculum
  • creating and tweaking assessments that align to the new standards
  • implementing the use of 1:1 laptops in daily lessons
  • learning a new online grading program
  • setting up a new teacher website via a new software package
  • adapting to a change in administration
I truly believe that any single item on the list above wouldn't bring me to a point of exhaustion. Perhaps even a combination of two items may not cripple me. However, the occurence of all seven items within the same school year has definitely made an impact. Has the energy required been extraordinary? Yes! Am I exhausted? Highly likely. I'm still scared to admit exhaustion because I fear my body will then yield to the consideration as fact. And that response could send me to a place where I become unable to meet the needs of my students. But since I'm committed to the change positively impacting my students, I persevere.
To my fellow educators who may find themselves in a stressful circumstance or environment...do the next thing! That's all you can do...probably all you have the energy to do...simply take one thing at a time and then move on to the next thing. Kudos to you for choosing your best for the students within your circle of influence each and every day. Be a difference maker!
To current or future administrators who may find themselves initiating change...be intentional. Prioritize the changes that need to occur and implement the few that give you the most bang for your buck. Step back to view through clear lenses...envision the changes from beginning to end including the details in between. Provide support to your staff during implementation and maintenance. Keep a healthy balance of juggling current change while continuing to implement more change from your itemized list.
Is there something that uses more of your energy than change? Regardless of what consumes your energy, how do you respond to exhaustion? What actions do you take to be proactive when you realize exhaustion is a potential result? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and suggestions.
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Have a great Wednesday...make it count!

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