fossil fuels in my classroom...

Day 22 Prompt: Come up with a creative plan (and no, it doesn't have to be realistic and scientifically-based -- toddler on a hamster wheel, anyone?) to create energy once we use up our fossil fuels.

Define fossil fuels:
Oil, coal, natural gas...all non-renewable sources of energy. Once depleted this energy source cannot be replaced. Besides that long-term problem, when fossil fuels are used to provide energy the process also causes damage to the atmosphere. 

What are these in my classroom?
Standardized testing. I believe in teaching with the end in mind. Aiming toward what my students should be able to do at the conclusion of our time together maintains focus for all parties involved. And standardized testing has unleashed a giant highlighter on measuring the extent to which the content has been learned. A source of energy that can be used to adjust the path for future learning. Meanwhile, this measure has been widely used to "rank" students, teachers, schools, districts, and states. And therein lies the damage to the classroom. Comparison vs. collaboration. 

What if they cease to exist? How do I make them renewable?
No more standardized testing? That's an immediate gain of time in my classroom; a definite plus. And that has to save all levels of institutions plenty of money that can be reassigned; technology infrastructure, please. However, I still need the data that shows individual student alignment to our learning goals, but that's an ongoing process in my classroom regardless of whatever testing is administered from above. 

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