my superpower...

Day 14 Prompt: If you were a superhero, what would be your hidden superpower?
I'm confused by this prompt. I'm pretty sure I already am a superhero. And my superpower is far from hidden! :)
I would love to purchase these adorable tumblers for every teacher at my school. They are available for purchase from the Lyla Bug Designs Etsy shop. The boys in the building may prefer the traditional red apple as opposed to the fashionable fuschia with lime green accents. Haha! :) And these tumblers can even be personalized.
Now...I realize you must think this is one giant advertisement. I actually don't know Colleen...the shop owner from Florida. This is just a Pinterest find I've been spying for a few months. But I feel certain Miss Colleen loves a teacher somewhere. The art of teaching is a daily challenge; therefore, teaching requires superpower...to smile instead of complaining...to reflect instead of assuming...to focus instead of going through the motions. Teaching is my passion, but I will be the first to tell you that it's a challenging job with little positive feedback. I'm okay with that...I have a superpower! But if you love a teacher somewhere, please send them a note letting them know all about their awesomeness.

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Happy Monday to YOU...make it count!

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