second semester resumes...

Tomorrow is the first day of second semester! Part of me can't believe Winter Break has officially come to an end, and the other part of me is shocked to be staring at only one remaining semester. Of course, the Tilmon girls are always hoping for snow. Any day works...but my sweet girlies would really prefer tomorrow. Haha!

So in honor of their snow wishes, I created an equation game and added some snowmen for fun.
Something tells me that my girlies aren't the only students dreaming of snow for tomorrow. :)

Do you have snow days where you live? Or hurricane days? Or heat days? Is there any sort of weather that unexpectedly causes school to be cancelled? I need proof to show my girls that not everyone gets to enjoy random snow days like us!

This post is part of the BlogHer #NaBloPoMo challenge.

Enjoy the final moments of your weekend...make it count!

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