drawing a line in the sand...

You know the first day of school is coming soon if...
  • you simply cannot remember the last day you didn't make a trip to Staples or Walmart
  • your custodian secretly leaves a super-sized trash bag in your classroom
  • you only have one alarm-free weekday remaining
It's true. I'm drawing a line in the sand. Last week was filled with assessment meetings and classroom organization. Yesterday I met my fall semster intern. Today I presented a classroom management session at our district new teacher orientation. And tonight I will be heading to a faculty/staff pot luck dinner to ring in the new year. So...that's it...I'm crossing over. Today was my last day of "teacher stuff" in the summertime. Tomorrow will hold a jumpstart to our inservice that officially starts on Friday morning.

Let the random blogging of my classroom life resume!

Hope you're having a great week...make it count!



  1. That post cracks me up because it is all so true! We have one week left and I am trying to enjoy ever last minute of it. Good luck on your first day back!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I really like starting inservice on a Friday. It's easy to have the mindset of doing anything for one day. Haha! Enjoy the countdown to your first day back!