let's use triangles...

What's your opinion on the integration of technology in today's classrooms? Watch this YouTube video to see what students at our high school think.

Will Richardson was the keynote speaker for our Back-to-School celebration yesterday. I also spent a few hours in open forums with him on Thursday. He is a challenging consultant. One who asks bold questions and provides no solutions. It is somewhat ironic how educators prefer a 5-page action plan including a detailed checklist...especially when it's not provided. The issue? Our world has radically changed due to technology; however, our current education system was not built to serve students in the 21st Century. I parallel this to the square peg/round hole issue. As an educator, I must find a way to bridge the gap in my classroom. I have no choice but to offer 21st Century skills to the learners in our current education system. What did Will suggest to me via Twitter? "Somehow we have to find ways to change the shapes."

As I enter a new school year with a classroom set of laptops and three sections of Algebra 1 students, I plan to use triangles...slowly merging my square peg and circular destination to a new shape through an effort to bridge this educational gap.

The 21st Century Toolbox in my classroom will begin with the following platforms:

Will my efforts be successful? Will my plans yield a positive impact for the future learning of my students? That's my goal. Only time will tell.

What changes will you be implementing in your classroom this fall? Please share. I would love to add your expertise to my toolbox!

Have a fabulous weekend...make it count!


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