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Middle school tends to be a giant transition for students. With the need for time management and organizational skills, our students encounter a significant learning curve. And with that fact comes the truth that I teach much more than algebra. I want to build better students who will be successful far beyond my classroom.

One way that I support students in learning time management is to provide them with a calendar to reference important dates. I've spent the last three years updating a calendar on a teacher website provided by my school district. With help from my super smart colleague Jared Jones, I created a free app via Mobile Conduit for my algebra students and parents. It's fast and simple and requires no coding!

The app connects to our classroom Google calendar and includes event titles and descriptions with details (and links!). Mobile Conduit automatically generates a QR code to allow users easy download to their mobile device. School has been in session for two weeks and 50% of my students and parents have downloaded this app for their convenience.

A calendar is just one of many options for app creation available at Mobile Conduit. Please leave a comment and share your ideas for other useful apps to help ease the transition for middle school students.

Wishing you a great week...make it count!


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