differentiating instruction in algebra...

The strengths of principals vary from building to building and state to state. Yet I'm convinced excellence with every step in regards to instruction is critical to the progress of a community of learners. It is a privelege to work for a principal who makes teaching and learning a primary focus. Wanna spy what she just added to her collection of resources for our building?!?

Differentiating Instruction in Algebra 1 by Kelli Jurek is another great find to help us meet the individual needs of our math students. This book includes activities for the major function families (linear, exponential, and quadratic) included in Algebra 1 curriculum as well as other supporting topics.

What's on your teacher bookcase? Or perhaps...what's in your "teacher books" folder on your iPad?!? Leave a comment to share your latest and greatest find!

Have a good one...make it count!


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