classroom enemy...

Day 16 Prompt: If you were a superhero, what would be your kryptonite, draining your energy?
What has the most potential to hinder progress in my classroom? Wasted time. I want every second to count...every moment to be productive...every inch of progress to promote learning! Whether that second is digging deep in the heart of math goodness, spinning in transition from one task to the next, or participating in a brain break to gain energy for upcoming focus and complexity...there is plenty of opportunity for wasted moments. We must not cave to the potential loss!

How often have you heard these words? "I don't have time for ______." Go ahead. Fill in the blank. No time for...teambuilding or classbuilding or hands-on activities or practice that requires movement or, or, OR...the list continues. The best prescription?!? I would argue engagement. A well planned lesson rooted in a community that longs for procedure and routine can remedy the classroom kryptonite of lost time.
This post is part of the BlogHer #NaBloPoMo challenge.

Have an amazing Wednesday...make it count!

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