being a difference maker...

Day 17 Prompt: How would you start saving the world if you woke up tomorrow with superhuman powers?

World peace! Isn't that always the answer?!?

Honestly? I have no idea what plan of action I would follow to save the world. Is the most efficient way to make an immediate difference through influencing those in authority positions who are ultimately responsbile for action? Perhaps. Is the most beneficial way to make a long-term difference through placing neglected children in loving, secure homes? Maybe.
But my deepest desire is to be a difference maker yesterday, today, and tomorrow...without superhuman powers. Just me choosing to make an impact. Being intentional. Speaking to former students in the crowded halls between classes, encouraging my current students to persevere when confronting obstacles, digging deep to build a community within our classroom that will carry my students through high school...small choices...that I believe have significant impact.
"The true test of a person's character is how they treat the people in life they don't need."
This post is part of the BlogHer #NaBloPoMo challenge.

Happy Friday Eve to YOU...make it count!

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