teaching perseverance via math...

Day 30 Prompt: Benjamin Franklin said, "Energy and persistence conquer all things." Do you agree or disagree?
Persistence conquers all things.
And continued persistence requires energy.
In my algebra classroom, I strive to inspire persistence. I answer questions with questions. I provide reference points and resources rather than direct answers. I pose thought-provoking questions that add depth to the concept of focus. And I have no problem saying, "Well...let's see what new thoughts you have tomorrow that could inspire progress."
This mindset for any teacher requires energy. Much energy! An abundance of energy beyond the typical daily dosage. Why?!? Because it would be SO much easier to just provide students with a direct answer. For both of us! However, easy doesn't produce endurance...endurance stems from perseverance. And I want my students to be set for the long haul in future math endeavors.
Don't sell your students short. They are capable of thinking deeply and making connections. Always remember...the one thinking is the one learning! How do you integrate perseverance in your math classroom? Please share your tips by leaving a comment below...

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