the iterations of teaching math...

Day 29 Prompt: What reoccurring thought uses up a lot of your mental energy?
Step 1.
Do my students have the necessary prior knowledge for this lesson?
Step 2.
Do my students already understand the new content outlined in this lesson? If so, how will I enrich these students while teaching the new content to the rest of the students?
Step 3.
How do I present new content in a way that is comprehensible by all students regardless of their prior knowledge? (i.e. How do I bridge the gaps while teaching new content?)
Step 4.
How do I know my students get it?
Step 5.
How will I enrich those who now understand the new content while actively remediating the students who don't get it?
Step 6.
Now...how do I know my students get it? And what will I do if they still don't get it?
Repeat Steps 1-6 for the next concept.
And this reiterative cycle occurs multiple times within one lesson. Yep. That's a reoccuring thought running through the mind of every teacher. It certainly uses up a lot of my mental energy. How about you?!?

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