the tilmonator...

Day 18 Prompt: What would be your superhero name and why?

The Tilmonator.
It sounds so powerful...almost like a high-functioning machine. Problem in...solution out!

It's true. I would love to be a master problem solver who eradicates all things that prevent our students from receiving the differentiation that they so richly deserve. I could get fired up as a superhero on a mission for learning.
But to be honest..."The Tilmonator" is actually a nickname my high school students gave me back in the day. Somehow they decided I ruled with an iron fist...not really...just a little early morning humor! My precalculus students once told me that they thought I was super scary until they spent a few weeks enrolled in my course...then they knew I was scary, but they liked me anyways. Gotta love kids...they shoot straight regardless of the casualties.

I am super short. I smile constantly. And I probably have the loudest laugh in the building. Yep. I'm the Tilmonator. Haha! So what are you known for in your building?!? Spill. We want to hear the scoop!

This post is part of the BlogHer #NaBloPoMo challenge.

Enjoy your long weekend...make it count!

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